Sick Kitty

August 18, 2011


Thanks to all those who expressed concern for my little fuzzball. There is good news. Goguma seems to have gotten over whatever was causing the problem. It seems to have been something he swallowed causing irritation in the stomach lining, and wasn’t indicative of a bigger problem. The upside of this is that Goguma has had a complete physical, and is actually really healthy, especially for his age. He is still slowing down a bit and easily gets an upset stomach these days, but we are also experiencing a lot of heat here in Seoul which can be to blame. He is still under close watch, but I am finally starting to relax a bit. He may be furry and four-legged, but he is very much my baby. šŸ™‚

My poor little fur-baby, Goguma, started throwing up blood last night. So far, the vets can’t find the cause, and are hoping it’s just stomach irritation. However, I see quite a few vet visits and lots of cuddling sessions over the next few days. For that reason, I am throwing in the towel on the NaBloPoMo challenge.

That said, I will definitely be posting at least once a week, usually on Sundays, so please come back.


  1. Hi shelley,

    I hope Goguma is OK. Please keep me updated on his condition. Superkitty (Joshua’s cat) made the flight here ok and seems to be doing well.

  2. So sorry to hear about kitty. Hope she’ll b well soon. I’m sick myself-bronchitis or allergy afflicted breathing problems-I’m in the hospital waiting room as I write this. I’ll keep reading your blog as I very much enjoy it!

  3. Oh no! Poor sick kitty! My Isis sends her blessings.

    I already had to throw in the towel. Too much going on (and not all of it that can be shared publicly yet) and I just don’t have the drive to blog some days. We’re gonna be in Gwangju probably by the end of the month now. So excited and scared and stressed!

    Hope Goguma starts on the mend soon.

  4. Thanks everyone. I will post an update once we know what’s going on. Tania, please be sure to contact me if you come up to Seoul. I’d love to take you out for a meal.:-)

  5. How soon after eating does it occur? Is it projectile? Inspect the vomitus for blood, fecal material, and foreign objects.

  6. Thomas,

    Thanks for your concer, and knowledgable-seeming advice. šŸ™‚

    The vomit has stopped, and we have ruled out any major cause, such as tumor, ulcer, or any other serious disease. The vet’s guess is that Kitty swallowed some irritant like part of a vinyl bag, and we think it is now gone. The cat is eating and going to the bathroom normally, and responds to affection and a little play. He is sleeping tons though, much more than usual, but I attribute this to all the stress of going to the vet, which he hates and fears…

    Still keeping a close eye on him though.

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