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Sick Kitty

August 18, 2011


Thanks to all those who expressed concern for my little fuzzball. There is good news. Goguma seems to have gotten over whatever was causing the problem. It seems to have been something he swallowed causing irritation in the stomach lining, and wasn’t indicative of a bigger problem. The upside of this is that Goguma has had a complete physical, and is actually really healthy, especially for his age. He is still slowing down a bit and easily gets an upset stomach these days, but we are also experiencing a lot of heat here in Seoul which can be to blame. He is still under close watch, but I am finally starting to relax a bit. He may be furry and four-legged, but he is very much my baby. šŸ™‚

My poor little fur-baby, Goguma, started throwing up blood last night. So far, the vets can’t find the cause, and are hoping it’s just stomach irritation. However, I see quite a few vet visits and lots of cuddling sessions over the next few days. For that reason, I am throwing in the towel on the NaBloPoMo challenge.

That said, I will definitely be posting at least once a week, usually on Sundays, so please come back.


Out of Gas (Interview with a procrastinating blogger)

August 13, 2011

Q: Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to sit with us today, Shelley.
S: You are most welcome, but there’s another episode of “Say Yes to The Dress: Atlanta” coming on soon, so let’s try to get this done quickly, ok?

Q: So, what have you done today that’s worth writing about Shelley?
A: Well, I made a fantastic pot of coffee for myself this morning. After that, I ….. When I was a teacher of Korean kids, there was a joke that the students would sometimes play on me. I would ask what they did on vacation, where they had been. Some little wisearse would answer “Bangkok”, and I would begin to ask detailed, feigning-interest questions about the trip, while all the other little wisearses would start to giggle and giggle until they burst out into side-splitting fits of hilarity. Apparently, in Korean “Bangkok” sounds a lot like a word that means “rolling around my room.” The kid hadn’t gone anywhere. He had just done nothing all day, spacing out and rolling around the room. So, that’s what I did after coffee today. I went to freaking Bangkok.

Q: You sound a little testy today, Shelley. Anything wrong? Aren’t you happy to be on vacation with absolutely nothing to do but write this blog?
A: I just spent an hour and half reading through a million blog prompt ideas. I started to write about my favorite 80’s songs. I started to write about why I don’t want children. I started to write about things I’m grateful for, inspired by the best thing I’ve read today, Ms. Paulette’s Blog. I even decided to do my version of a popular blog idea, “Wordless Wednesday” and call it “Shut Up Saturday”, where all I would have to do would be to post a photo, and let it do the speaking for me. Then, I spent 15 minutes wondering if I could pretend that I forgot to blog today. Then you appeared. So, yeah, I’m not drunk, yet I am interviewing myself. That, among other things, is pissing me off.

Q: What are the other things that are contributing to your bad mood? Let’s see how bad things really are.
A: My neighbors have no sense of noise control. It is raining yet again. The cat is shedding enough fur to knit ten sweaters. I can’t knit. I’m 41 years old. That’s about it.

Q: Not so bad, Shelley. Do you have your health?
A: Surprisingly, despite years of being much bigger than nature intended, I am a really healthy girl.

Q: Is your marriage happy?
A: It is a beautiful work in progress, with 95% contentment and 5% rip-roaring drama, to keep things interesting. We are cosmically destined to be together.

Q: Do you enjoy your regular job?
A: Absolutely. There is nothing more thrilling than a really in-the-zone, making-a-difference class. And just when the classes start to get tedious, I get 10 weeks of vacation. With pay. Twice a year.

Q: So, it sounds like you actually have a lot to be happy about?
A: Well, look at that. You tricked me into doing a gratitude post, after all.

Q: You seemed like you needed a little help. Anything you would like to say to our readers before we head back to watch Southern brides spend way too much on wedding dresses?
A: I’m so grateful that you are still reading, and didn’t press the “back” button when you got to the bit about the cat fur. Seriously.



August 9, 2011

Dear Sir(s) and/or Madam(s);

Please excuse Shelley from blogging today. She has gone off to look for Summer, as it hasn’t come home for weeks now, and we are starting to get worried. We think that Summer may be holed up in a Goshiwan near Hongdae, depressed and drinking heavily. Shelley left home this morning with a backpack full of dry crackers and flat ginger ale, determined to track Summer down and coax it back to health. She probably won’t be back until sundown, as Summer can be a cranky, unwilling thing when it feels its party has been rained on. And rained on. And rained on.

I am sure Shelley will be back to blogging tomorrow, hopefully with Summer back at work, doing its job of brightening all this grey concrete. Summer probably won’t be at its best, but at this point, we’re willing to put up with a little hangover grumpiness, as long as it comes back home.

Thank you for excusing Shelley from the blog today.


The Cat


Random Truths

August 2, 2011

Today, I’m going to cheat. I’m late getting to the computer, and have to wake early for a corporate class. The prompt on the NaBloPoMo website is a question regarding favorite books and authors. I am such a passionate reader that I cannot contain my favorites to a simple blog post. So, instead, I’m going to post a modified version of a facebook meme that was going around last year where you were asked to list 25 things that are true about you that people probably don’t know.

My List of Random Truths:

– My paternal grandparents ran a senior’s home through most of my childhood. It was converted from an old hotel ( The Carmelite House in Grand Falls ), and they had most of the top floor as their private apartment. Every room had an ensuite bathroom ( leftover from the hotel days ) and I could spend hours running from room to room making up all kinds of imaginary games and scenarios. They had a gong to ring in dinnertime, and a chapel in the basement with an organ I could play on. A giant moose’s head hung over the huge wooden staircase. We celebrated Christmas in ‘ The Cook’s Room” that had a real old-fashioned bathtub. This place was absolute magic for me, and mythical in my childhood. Someday, I am going to set a novel in this place.

– I am very very good at being alone. As a child, I never needed to be entertained, could always amuse myself, and still can. I get antsy if I don’t get regular “alone” time. Most people fear being alone. I revel in it.

– My husband is 7 years younger than me. He is also the more mature one in our relationship. Most of the time.

– I fell in love for the first time in St. Pierre when I was 18 studying on a French immersion program. I broke his heart ( dumped him when I returned home, for the previously-mentioned-on-this-blog acting student) and have had the same recurring dream about that boy ever since, where I go back to St. Pierre looking for him, and every time I’m just about to see him, I wake up.

– I really really wish I could go back to university and study all over again. Although I was always a “good” student, I really didn’t take advantage of what was available to me there. I had some amazing profs that I just didn’t appreciate at the time . I would love to go back to being a student now, when I could forget all the silliness, and love the learning.

– I can’t handle the sight of blood and guts. I’m sure I would love House, but I just can’t watch it without running from the room every time someone starts to bleed.

– I have never ever had surgery.

– I have alternatively wanted to be: Tori Amos, Pj Harvey, Liz Phair, Joni Mitchell and Rickie lee Jones. But mostly, I am secretly Ani Difranco, in my “musician wannabe” fantasies.

-I once had a crazy and or drunk, apparently homeless guy correctly guess that I’m a sagitarrius because he could tell by the way I walked, that I was “half-horse”.

– When I first moved to Halifax, I was so poor that I lived in a house on the hooker side of Barrington, with a guy named Josh who kept aquariums of snakes in his painted-black room and a really angry woman named Roberta who used to scream curses at her little girl during her frequent yelling spurts. My room was a closet with a curtain, and I slept on Didi Gillard-Rowlings’ leaky air mattress, waking up with it curled up around me every morning. In spite of this, I felt very happy and free.

– I’ve been working since I was 16, and have been: a jewelery-maker’s shop assistant, tourist information officer, box office clerk, paintball” instructor”, insurance salesperson, hostess, art class model, hotel room cleaner, canadian tire card “application getter” ( which I was surprisingly good at) and held various different theatre jobs. I tried to be a waitress, and really really failed.

– My drink of choice is Crown Royal with Ginger Ale.

– In my early Korea days, I was a regular at the bar “Nori” in Shinchon, long before it became extremely popular and often would be one of maybe two or three foreigners in the whole bar. The owner would sell me a bottle at cost and keep it behind the bar for me. I miss having a “regular” bar that I can walk into alone and feel comfortable in.

– I have to read, every single day – good fiction. If I don’t read, I can’t sleep.

– I rarely laugh out loud. It’s hard for me to break out of my serious heart, sometimes. Still, some things that make me crack up:, Craig Ferguson, Leno doing “Headlines”, my office partner Gary, The Graham Norton Show….

– When my husband first met me, he told me I looked like Janis Joplin. THe fact that he thought that was a good thing made me stay and keep talking to him.

-I figure skated for a really long time, and I wish I had stuck with it longer.

-When I meet Korean people, I sometimes lie about how long I’ve been here, because I’m ashamed that my Korean is not better than it is..

– I’ve always been a “guy’s” girl . Most of my close friends in my life were male, and I always felt more comfortable with that . Surprisingly, at this point in my life, I am hungry for the company of good women, and would list the lack of foreign women of my age group as the only major drawback to my life here in Korea.

That’s my list. Please comment with a random truth of your own.


Anybody Home?

July 4, 2011

My dog ate my blog posts. Except it was my cat – and he more or less shredded them, rather than ate them. That’s my official excuse for neglecting my scribbles.

The truth is that this unusually busy semester of teaching has kicked my butt, and left me blocked and blah , with no energy to go searching for inspiration.

Now that the semester is done, I have no excuse. With that in mind, I am committing to a 30-day blogging challenge in August, where I will post every day for 30 days, in the hopes of getting unblocked.

I will need topics, people – lots of ’em. Please email or comment with anything under the sun that you would like to see me attempt to write about.

In the meantime, here’s an old poem I wrote for an old friend who has always been a source of inspiration, even in the dry times.

Under the skin,
between shy veins,
I know a story you have never told.

I am barely
a story you know
though I am written into your palm,
hidden between the the bones you show.
I am the softer beat underneath your hum,
a tiny-fingered thing
full of a foreign rhythm
that will not be held.

I am such a false-bottomed friend.
Were you in my hands,
I would give you the truth
to hold between your teeth
even as your long fingers
tell my story
to another.

Topics please? Send in your requests, and I’ll try to put it on for you.